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"The Staveley Project; a fierce, heartfelt and technically superb performance. Staveley's incomparably expressive vocal work is backed by one of the tightest and passionate rhythm sections I have heard. Her songwriting is raw like road rash and hits you just as hard. Don't underestimate this player, nor what she has to say."
- Michael Morritt (on the stavelEy project), Musician & Filmmaker, Montreal, QC

“Like a female equivalent of Greg MacPherson, a lone person singing and playing an electric guitar can be the most beautiful thing in the world. Staveley spoke little, more often opting to play her guitar and captivate the crowd with her strong voice and melancholic songs.”
- Chartattack Review of Jill Staveley at the Guild Hall, Whitehorse, March 24/08

"Then it was Jill's turn to take the stage. She blew me away. Her set was everything I needed. It was inspiring and refreshing and it made me want to pick up my guitar again, with a purpose. I could go on about her for pages and pages, but I'll just say she probably has the best singing voice I have ever heard, her guitar playing and style were great, aaaaaaand she was pretty darn sexy up on stage playing her guitar."
-Jive Jazz Review of Jill Staveley at The Apollo, Thunder Bay, ON, April 4/08

"Up next the lovely and talented 'Solo Classic Rock Artist' Jill Staveley." -Jenny Omnichord introducing Jill Staveley at The Towne House, Sudbury, ON April 5/08

"We came here for a night of Power-Pop...and the stavelEy project delivered!"
- A Very Intoxicated Man at The Silver Dollar Room, Toronto, ON, Jan 30/09

"I don't know what they are putting in the drinking water in Peterborough. There are roughly 75-100,000 people there, but they seem to have more than their share of talented musicians. Enough that Radio Free Peterborough gets by playing only Peterborough artists.
"If the name Jill Staveley doesn't mean anything to you (it will soon just wait) then think the Burning Hell. As I've said, I know that Mathias Kom is the Burning Hell even when he's alone, but I've never seen him that way and can't imagine him without Staveley backing him up...."
read more at NXEW - North By East West, April 2009

You can buy the stavelEy project's most recent albums Anything But The Truth and their 2007 EP online at

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